Unable to Open Emails in Outlook – Use Outlook Recovery

Unable to Open Emails in Outlook Application – Get Outlook Recovery

While using Microsoft Outlook as your preferred email client, if you are unable to open emails in Outlook or you are encountering errors while sending/receiving emails, you must check if your Outlook PST file is accessible or not and if it is corrupt due to any of the external or internal causative factors. If that is the case, you can use our state-of-the-art utility software known as Outlook Recovery.

 Learn to be Efficient – Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook

 Just to enhance your efficiency and to save you a lot of time, you always are in need of getting to know about keyboard shortcuts. Below is the list of some very useful keyboard shortcuts which can be used with Microsoft Outlook, and you can easily memorize them and use them.

Outlook Program Icon Shortcuts:-

To start in safe mode Control + Mouse Click
To start as administrator (Win 7 only) Control + Shift Button + Click
To open new outlook window when Outlook is running already Shift + Mouse Click
Cycling through open Windows Control + Click


Shortcuts for Browsing Outlook Folders:-

To go to inbox folder Control + Shift + ‘I’
To go to Outbox folder Control + Shift + ‘O’
To open address book Control + ALT key + ‘B’
To go to previous folder ALT + Left key
To go to next folder ALT + Right key
To Refresh F5 function key


Shortcuts to Reply OR Forward:-

To reply selected email Control Key + ‘R’
To reply to all selected email Control Key + Shift Key + ‘R’
To reply and post in current folder Control Key + ‘T’
To forward selected email(s) Control Key + ‘F’
To forward email as attachment Control Key + ALT Key + ‘F’


General Shortcuts in Outlook:-

Save email Control ‘S’ OR Shift + F12
Save as email F12
Save and close email ALT key + ‘S’
Close dialog ALT key + F4
Cancel dialog Escape key
Print email Control key + ‘P’
Delete email Delete button
Copy email to folder Control + Shift + ‘Y’
Move email to folder Control + Shift + ‘V’
Check names in address book and auto-resolve Control Key + ‘K’
To check spelling and grammar Shift key + F7